Tide Pooling at Adventure Club

The next Adventure Club is coming up July 31 at Carkeek Park. We will have the opportunity to check out what lies beneath the rocks and tide lines when the water goes down. We'll have an opportunity to see crabs, LOTS of crabs, maybe even hold some, there's bound to be sea anemones a plenty and if we're lucky we'll glimpse a sea star, or two! Come dressed for the water, be it rain boots or secure sandals, because you are going to want to get close to the water. We will meet at 10 am at the shelter next to the Salmon side and picnic tables. To secure your spot please register ahead of time, spaces are limited. Hope to see you there! 

Foraging for Wild Edibles

Come join The Nature Nanny for the latest adventyre in Discovery Park this Sunday, July 3rd. This week we will check out some of the different wild edibles that Discovery Park has to offer. We will walk trails, look for birds, and if we're lucky, forage enough berries to take home. If you're interested in collecting some, I suggest you bring a container (or two). The group will meet at 10 am in the North Parking Lot off Texas Way. There is a suggested donation of $10/child. We'll be out rain or shine, so come prepared for the weather. To confirm your space please register or feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

Father's Day Adventure Club

Thank you to everyone who came out on an awesome adventure today. We had such a great group out there, who played and learned so nicely together. We visited the lightening tree, watched the ducks, played games, foraged for fruit, and studied so many different macroinvertebrates. We saw creatures of all sizes and walks of life. From Great Blue Herons, to Planeria, a tiny aquatic flatworm. It was awesome to explore with such a curious bunch. To learn more about adventure club, click here or contact me for information about future dates and locations.

Adventure Club Sunday, June 19!

The Nature Nanny is gearing up for another adventure club at The UW arboretum. Have you ever wondered what, or who, you might be swimming with when you go to the beach? We'll get a close look at the critters that live beneath the surface of Lake Washington, it's amazing the surprises you'll find. We will meet at 11 am at the Graham Visitors center and the program will run about 1.5 hours. There is a suggested donation of $10/child. If you are interested in attending please Contact Me to confirm your space.

Macroinvertebrates, ducks and flowers, Oh My!

The next adventure club with The Nature Nanny is coming up Sunday, May 22 at the UW Arboretum. This time we will check out Foster Island, and learn about the creatures that live above, below and around the wetlands. The program is geared toward children ages 4-10, but all are welcome. We will meet at 10 am in front of the Graham Visitors Center, rain or shine. There is a suggested donation of $10/child. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to attend. Hope to see you there!

Spring Break Camp Enrollment Now Open

The Nature Nanny is offering a spring break camp April 11-15 at Carkeek Park. The student-led learning experience is designed to inspire curiosity and develop a healthy sense of adventure.  We will learn about the local flora and fauna, play games and explore the trails. Pick up and drop off are at the shelter between the Salmon Slide and picnic tables. Half day, full day and weeklong enrollment spots are available. Rates are as follows:

Half Day (9 am - 1 pm): $45                                

Full Day (9 am -3 pm): $65

Weeklong (9 am - 3 pm): $300

Refer a friend and get $25 off the week. Space is limited, enroll now.

Discover the Next Adventure, Right Around the Corner.

The Nature Nanny will take to the trails of Discovery Park, coming up Saturday April 9 at 10 am meeting in the South Parking Lot (if you're not sure where this is check with the visitor center, or park near Emerson and 41st, and walk in through the gate). We will start the morning digging up some microinvertbrates and end the day at the beach. As Discovery is one of the bigger parks expect to walk a little longer, about 30 minutes down to the beach, lots of breaks will be taken along the way. Come prepared to be outside the entire time, rain or shine and be ready to learn something new. Discovery is a great place for bird watching, so if you've got a pair of binoculars don't forget to bring them. There is a suggested donation of $5/child, and the program will run roughly 2 hours. If you are interested in attending please contact me to confirm your spot. Hope you can join us!


Next Adventure Club: UW Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

The Nature Nanny will be hosting another adventure club next Sunday, March 20. This time we will explore the Spring bloom in the Arboretum. The magnolias are out! The rhododendrons are showing off! It's a beautiful time to walk about one of Seattle's gems. We will get out on some of the trails, see some of the unique flora the Botanic Gardens offer, learn about flowers and maybe even get a chance to pollinate some flowers ourselves. The group will meet at 10 am outside the Graham Visitors Center (not to be confused with the Japanese Garden). I am still deciding between Saturday or Sunday, so if you are interested please let me know your preference. There is a suggested donation of $5/child, the only requirement is that you come ready to have a good time, rain or shine. Please contact me if you are interested in registering for the day. I hope to see you there! 

A Great Day in the Rain!

Thanks everyone who made it out to play and explore on Sunday. Though the wind was discouraging in the morning we had a great group out there learning and playing creatively. We learned about lichens and other local plants around Carkeek park. We even got to see some Barrow's Goldeneyes down by the water. What an awesome day in the Seattle weather. Don't forget to tell your friends! Photo credit: Julia D., re-thinkgreen.com